Year Six - Turquoise Class

Falmouth Primary Academy
'Outstanding Together'
  • Year 6 - Turquoise Class

  • Welcome to Turquoise class. Mrs Rebecca Van Vestraut are the Class Teachers and Mrs Matthews and Mrs Amanda Penna are the Teaching Assistants. Turquoise class follow the expectations of the National Curriculum and the learning is carefully planned to ensure that all children are motivated and excited to learn.

    This half term we are learning about life in the Rainforest, what makes the Rainforest so important to the world and how humans impact on the Rainforest environment. As part of our topic we shall be visiting the Eden Project and taking part in a workshop there that links to our science learning about how living things are classified. We are all very excited! 

  • Topics for the year are:

    • Mapping it!
    • What was life like in ancient Egypt?
    • Can you survive in the Rainforest?
    • What was life like in Britain after 1940?
    • Cornwall
    • You're hired - The Apprentice
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