Achievement in engineering

June 12, 2018

I’m very proud to announce that the following pupils were put forward for the Primary Engineer and Secondary Engineer Leaders Award and their entries have been shortlisted:

Ruth Frankiss Distinction – Shortlisted Year 4
Jelle Bouten Distinction Year 6

Both children had to design an engineering solution to an everyday problem of their choosing, creating a labelled diagram and writing a covering letter.

Ruth came up with a bin that sorts your general waste, recycling and food by using bar codes or a scanner, which then tips the item into the correct section.

Jelle meanwhile designed a building that had movable doors, so you could walk through any part without having to stop.

The student’s work is graded Pass, Merit or Distinction and over 2,712 entries were made in the South West of England alone, putting Ruth and Jelle at the very top of their age groups.

Their work will be on public display at the University of Southampton on Friday 15th June 2018.

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