Physical Education

Falmouth Primary Academy Curriculum
'Outstanding Together'
  • Physical Education

    We use REAL PE to support the delivery of PE across the whole school. This programme develops core skills which are then applied in a variety of different team and individual sports. We ensure that children are active across the week, in a variety of different ways. PE is carefully planned and teaching is enhanced through the use of expert coaches across the different aspects of the curriculum. The school also offers a range of extracurricular sports clubs free of charge and physical education is an important part of our enrichment afternoons. We encourage the children to have a healthy lifestyle and we run an additional club at lunchtime for targeted children. The school works closely with other local primaries and takes part in a wide variety of inter school competitions and tournaments. We have two school halls and a extensive school grounds which enables the children to have excellent facilities to support their PE curriculum. Swimming is currently available from Y2 upwards.